Upcoming Events

Ancestral Healing Summit


Join Eileen McKusick and many others for the 2023 Ancestral Healing Summit! During this groundbreaking 5-day event, you’ll discover: Practices to transmute stuck ancestral energies, so you can access your [...]

Body Electric Summit 2.0


Although we may live longer lives, we do not live better lives. We are navigating more chronic health conditions than ever before, and despite our many medical “advances,” diseases like [...]



You’re invited to Anarchapulco, the world’s #1 freedom conference!! Bringing together crypto innovators, freedom warriors and health gurus, Anarchapulco is gearing up for its fifth and most epic year. We [...]

Sing the Body Electric Online


LIVE Virtual 2 Day Event An electrified, liberated, embodied experience of vocal expression and play - Discover your electric body, get in tune with the power of your voice, and [...]

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