Past Events

Tune Yourself Into Health | Online Course

Join us for this 5-week LIVE tuning fork class with Eileen McKusick to learn how to use high-quality tuning forks to support your health and well-being. Beginning Tuesday, October 19th […]

Join Eileen at the Resilience Roadmap Summit

Join Eileen on Sunday, October 31st at the Resilience Roadmap Summit - a FREE 7-day event. Resilience is the #1 predictive factor of success in all health and personal challenges. […]

Shift Energy Medicine Summit

We are thrilled to invite you to join Eileen and more than 30 of today’s highly sought-after teachers, doctors and healers — including Dr. Karen Kan, Mona Delfino, Dr. Shamini […]

Superhero Series Giveaway

Activate YOUR Inner Supehero - because the world needs you more than it ever has! This powerful series, created by Biofield Tuning founder Eileen McKusick, consists of 21, 8 minute […]

Science of Healing Summit

This is a free online event! Register here Join Eileen McKusick at the Science of Healing Summit online event! Discover the Latest Evidence Behind Integrative Mental Health, Psychedelics, Biofield Devices […]


Discover the New Science of Ancient Medicines

Join Eileen McKusick and Maya Shetreat for The New Science of Ancient Medicines: Healing Trauma and Building Resilience with Mushrooms and Psychedelics. – a FREE 7-day online event from March 7 to March 13, 2022.

Live Logan Conference: Healing & Compassion 2022

American Visionary Museum 800 Key Hwy, Baltimore

Join Eileen McKusick and others on Sunday, March 20, 2022! Click HERE to RSVP Keynote Address: “Whole Health Begins with Compassion: Healing Wounds of Body, Heart & Soul,” Tracy Gaudet, […]




Electric health & sound therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and transformational voice leaders & international recording artists, the Brothers Koren combine their disciplines to create an electrified, liberated, embodied experience of […]


2022 Annual ASD Event

Plymouth State University 17 High St, Plymouth

Learn to develop the abilities that will find your truth! We can teach you. Expand your abilities to find your truth? Attend the American Society of Dowsers 62nd annual Dowsing [...]


Polyface Farm 43 Pure Meadows Lane, Swoop

Join Eileen Mckusick and others at the 2022 summit, focused on helping you build a “Tool Box” so you can become more resilient physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will […]

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