Past Events

A Live Event with Eileen Mckusick

St. Peter’s By the Sea Rancho Palos Verde, CA

Today’s Science and the Power of Music melts with the ancient wisdom of Sound Healing and Bioenergetics. Do you love music and want to experience the most up-to-date thought leadership [...]

Sounds That Heal Workshop

Omega Institute 150 Lake Drive, RHINEBECK, NY

Join Eileen McKusick and other luminaries in the field of sound healing for a weekend festival to lighten your spirit, expand your heart, and embody your unique essence. Energy is [...]

Music and Sky 2023

Cielos Ventucopa, CA

Music and Sky is back August 18 - 21, 2023 for a special 18+ only event. We are calling "The Gathering." We'll be returning to the all inclusive, off the [...]

Spirit of Music Camp 2023

Wooten Woods Only, TN

Is there more to being a musician than just “playing” music? Have you ever felt like Music was playing you? Can your instrument be used to positively affect people and [...]

Sonic Anatomy Certification


Join Electric Health & Sound Therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and internationally acclaimed musicians & voice facilitators The Brothers Koren for this next level Sonic Anatomy Certification Class! This method of [...]

Shift Course | Gifts of the Ancestors


Join us for this powerful event with Eileen and gain viable tools to help you clear the static in your ancestral line and open to the greater gifts that reside [...]

Confluence 2023

Sovereignty Ranch Bandera, TX

Confluence is where you not only learn the skills and information you need to empower your mind, body, and soul, but where you meet people who remind you that you [...]

Biofield Tunings | Live Video Course


As a pioneer of biofield science, therapeutic sound, and electric health, Eileen McKusick has been mapping our biofield anatomy for nearly 30 years through a process that gauges the overall [...]

Energy Medicine Summit


Join Eileen McKusick and others for this free online event! Combine multiple energy healing modalities to expand conscious awareness & mastery. Move beyond techniques to access the state of no [...]

Sacred Journey to Peru

Urubamba, Sacred Valley & Cusco, Peru

Travel With Us to Peru for the Trip of a Lifetime! Take a journey to the frontier of your consciousness, retreat in a natural mountain sanctuary, open your heart to [...]

A Taste of Sing the Body Electric


Electric health & sound therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and transformational voice leaders & international recording artists, the Brothers Koren, combine their disciplines to create an electrified, liberated, embodied experience of [...]

Sing the Body Electric Workshop


Join Eileen McKusick and others for an electrified, liberated, embodied experience of vocal expression and play - Discover your electric body, get in tune with the power of your voice, [...]

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