Past Events

Energy Medicine Summit


Join Eileen McKusick and others for this free online event! Combine multiple energy healing modalities to expand conscious awareness & mastery. Move beyond techniques to access the state of no [...]

Sacred Journey to Peru

Urubamba, Sacred Valley & Cusco, Peru , Peru

Travel With Us to Peru for the Trip of a Lifetime! Take a journey to the frontier of your consciousness, retreat in a natural mountain sanctuary, open your heart to [...]

A Taste of Sing the Body Electric


Electric health & sound therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and transformational voice leaders & international recording artists, the Brothers Koren, combine their disciplines to create an electrified, liberated, embodied experience of [...]

Sing the Body Electric Workshop


Join Eileen McKusick and others for an electrified, liberated, embodied experience of vocal expression and play - Discover your electric body, get in tune with the power of your voice, [...]

Tune in & Tune Up


Join Eileen McKusick & Melanie Marden Watch LIVE as they explore the various ways that sound can heal, prevent illness and inspire positive wellbeing. Event will be live on Melanie's [...]

Confluence 2024

Sovereignty Ranch Bandera, TX, United States

A magical cosmic experience on a Texas regenerative farm under a total solar eclipse in Bandera, Texas! Join us while Eileen McKusick guides us through a Biofield Tuning experience. For [...]

Mental Health & Well-Being Global Summit


Welcome to a New Era in Mental Health! There is a mental health renaissance underway that offers real hope and new solutions for all of us. Join us for an [...]

Live Class | Amplify Your Light


Feel freer in every part of your life! In three 2-hour LIVE teaching and tunings, learn simple yet profound techniques to amplify your light and break free from old patterns. [...]

Get Healthy With Sound

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies 150 Lake Drive, Rhinebeck, NY, United States

Discover a new and empowering lens through which to view your life and your health with Eileen McKusick, an innovator in the fields of therapeutic sound, electric health, and the [...]

Music and Sky

Black Oak Ranch Laytonville, CA, United States

Celebrate love, freedom & truth with us under the Northern California sky as we take over the beautiful, historic Black Oak Ranch. With tons of large, shady camping spaces and [...]

Sing the Body Electric

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 57 Interlaken Rd, Stockbridge, MA, United States

What if you could use your voice from a more embodied place? What would it look like to discover your voice? This June, join sound therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and [...]

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