What Is Electric Health?

The Next Level of our Human Potential

What if our bodies and health are not as static and mechanical as we’ve been taught to believe?  What if we are able to play a dynamic role in shaping our overall health, and utilize our body’s natural intelligence to activate our inner radiance?  What if electricity is the missing element in our current model of health and well-being?

Here at Electric Health we understand that our overall sense of aliveness is created and supported by the pulsing current of electricity that runs through all our systems keeping our vitals turned on and functioning. 

Learning how to understand and take care of your electric health, how to raise your voltage and get the noise and resistance out of your electrical wiring, is what this site is dedicated to helping you do. We think you will find is that achieving Electric Health is much easier and more accessible than the chemical, mechanical lens we’ve been taught to understand our bodies through.

Electric Body

Our bodies are dynamic, pulsing electromagnetic fields of pure potential.  We already know that individual parts of our system are electrical–our hearts, brainwaves, nervous systems. 

An Electric Health perspective understands each of these pieces and more as vital components of an overarching unified electrical system.

Electric Nature

Through industrialization and technological advancements, we have become increasingly out of touch with the naturally occurring electrical ecosystems that surround us–the sun, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, beaches. 

An understanding of our world as electric highlights why it is vital to plug back into these natural networks for us to recharge.

Electric You

Each of us are composed of complex overlapping electromagnetic fields and systems inside and outside of our bodies. 

Understanding how our electromagnetic fields interact with the electromagnetism of the earth highlights the importance of seeing ourselves as a part of nature and the role that plays in our health, emotions, relationships, and more.

Keep This In Mind As You Learn

Get Yourself Ready for an Exciting and Empowering Shift

Electric Health is a hypothesis and an emerging field.

It can take some time to wrap our heads around this new way of thinking about health.  Understanding our bodies as electrical systems is a fundamental paradigm shift!  An awareness of our electrical landscape requires us to widen our lens and to rethink not just our relationship to our bodies, but to our entire world! 

It asks us to consider health not as a static “thing” based upon inherited genetics, but a dynamic dance between our own electromagnetic field with other human and non-human electromagnetic fields.  We have more agency than we think in activating our inherent potential and living radiantly.

Electric Health is a hypothesis and an emerging field.  We understand it as an ongoing conversation that will necessarily shift and change based upon new evidence and perspectives.  We invite you to join us in this evolutionary step as we open ourselves to this new paradigm for radiant health!

How Electric Health Informs Us On Every Level Of Our Being

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Our physical body is powered by our electric body. When we are alive, our “light” is on – when we die, the light goes “out”, but the body is still there. When our electric heart stops pulsing, we can jump start it with the same electricity that comes out of the wall. The health and strength and coherence of our electric body informs our physical body – the stronger our voltage, the more our body has the energy required to make sure all physical processes are functioning properly. When our voltage gets low, our body starts to fall into disrepair because there is not enough energy to keep everything running properly.

Inflammation is a consequence of resistance in the flow of electricity through the body – flow gets restricted in certain zones, like a traffic jam, leading to excess in some areas and consequent deficiencies in others. Releasing the resistance from the system allows energy to flow freely which is the foundation of optimal health.

We tend to think of our mental body or mind as only being present in our head because that is where we have the experience of it. However, our entire biofield – our entire electrical system – is impacted by the thoughts we think. Different states of mind energize (and in turn deplete) certain zones within and around the body. For example, worry about the future energizes the field off the left side of the head – this in turn draws energy away from our ability to see clearly in the now, from the center of our being. Having a mean inner critic that is always attacking us and telling us how we are not good enough can energize the area off the right hip and impact our digestion and reproductive areas, as well as the musculo-skeletal system in that area. 

When we balance the flow of electrical energy in our body, we are able to settle down more comfortably in this moment without the energetic “ants in our pants” that drive the monkey mind.

Our emotions hold the greatest key to our electric health. E-motions are energy in motion – life plucks our heart strings and those strings reverberate for about 90 seconds (Jill BolteTaylor). As the wave of a particular feeling passes through us, it generates what Candace Pert called “molecules of emotion” that carry the vibrational information of that particular emotion. Ideally, a wave is generated, flows, crests and then breaks – but so many of us have been trained to hold these waves back, and so we find ourselves full of unbroken waves of emotion and a backlog of chemistry that never got recycled. This holding back creates resistance and subsequent inflammation in the body, and if we keep it up for a long time, we end up heavy and exhausted from the burden of holding it all in.

When we learn how to accept and allow our emotions, to understand that they require expression and release instead of suppression and judgement, we find that we naturally flow from sadness to joy, from anger to forgiveness, from resistance to flow.

The physical, mental and emotional experiences of our ancestors are much more alive and influential on us that we realize they are. Energenetics is the “tone of the song” of our DNA – we don’t just inherit hair color or eye color, we also inherit tonal tendencies towards depression, anxiety, anger and more. Many of the inner emotional states that people struggle with have roots far beyond just one’s experience of “me and mine”. When we tap into the music of the living field of DNA that informs us, we can change the key the tune is written in, dial out the static and noise and change how that information expresses, not just in us but in both our ancestors and descendants.

Many people who have this experience observe changes in both their parents and their children as their own inner tone shifts into greater harmony and flow.

Most of us have grown up in a world that separates what we call science and what we call spirit and we tend to be conditioned to put ourselves in one camp or the other. Science tells us we have no soul, and should we have an experience such as “seeing the light” or experiencing inner illumination, we have nowhere to go in science to explain that and so it becomes a “spiritual” or “religious” experience.

However, our electric body is indeed a body of light – one could potentially go so far as to call it our soul.  And it is fundamentally connected to and powered by our electric environment and cosmos because it is all one light that is indivisible. Understanding our electric bodies provides a bridge between these different systems of language and thought that are ultimately speaking of the same thing. Our mind can relax when we have both a scientific understanding and a spiritual experience of the essential unity of life.

Electric Health Images

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Electric Digestion

electric digestion

Electric Environment

Electric Emotions

Electric Attraction

Electric Breath

Electric Voice

Electric Health Videos

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7 Keys To Understanding Your Electric Health

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Part 1. Low pH= Low Voltage

Another way of considering low pH is that it is also a state of low voltage, or “insufficient electrical juice” in our bodies. This is a keystone in the translation of moving from “thinking chemically” to “thinking electrically”.

Part 2. What is the Human Biofield

Eileen explains that the human biofield is the body’s electrical system in its entirety – both the electric current that flows through it and the magnetic field that surrounds it.

Part 3. Raising our Vibration vs Raising our Voltage

Eileen explains why we want to think about bringing our vibration “in tune” and raising our voltage, instead of “raising our vibration”

Part 4. What Lowers our Voltage?

What are some of the things that cause our battery meter to drop, that create a drain on our electrical energy?

Part 5. What Raises our Voltage?

What are some of the practices that raise our voltage and consequently our energy levels, our sense of well-being, our immunity and our resilience?

Part 6. Breath is Key to Raising Voltage

We can go for weeks without food, days without liquids, but only moments without breath – therefore, our breath is our primary source of electrical energy in our bodies.

Part 7. The Human Biofield and EM Pollution

Raising our voltage and clarifying and strengthening our own electrical signaling can help us to navigate electromagnetic pollution in our environments



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