We’ve compiled throughout these three pages the leading thought-leaders in the field, peer-reviewed scientific journals, and articles of interest. Click through to dive into the electrical world of our universe and the people showing us what it’s all about.

Thought Leaders

Explore some of the most brilliant minds in the field of electric health and the theory of the electric universe. From Joe Dispenza to Shamani Jain to Sue Morter to Gerald Pallock. Read through their bios, or click on the links over to their website to learn more about their work.

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Peer Reviewed Journals

We’ve compiled a list of various studies on the biofield, for those of you doing both academic and personal research on the topic. If you know of other studies we should include, please contact us and let us know!

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Articles of Interest

A comprehensive list of articles about cosmology, electromagnetism, the human biofield, and more. We compiled this list while conducting research for Eileen’s latest book Electric Body, Electric Health.

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