4 Week Ancestral Healing Course

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Experience a collective healing journey in which the energy fields of all participants undergo a systematic clearing process to heal inherited dissonance and distortion that can, if unaddressed, pass on to future generations as pain, struggle, or dysfunction.

During this revitalizing sound-healing, 4 week course with Eileen McKusick, you’ll explore and harmonize the two areas in your biofield that hold the most influence on your ability to remain tuned in to your optimal state of being: your ancestral rivers and preconception zone.

Located about 10 inches out from your body, these areas hold the pain, struggles, and passed-along patterns, as well as the blessings of your ancestors — traits and talents which may lie latent within you.

Tuning and clearing these areas allows the music of your DNA and your full potential to shine forth, revealing the gifts that you inherited from your ancestors and freeing you from their issues and struggles… which were never yours to carry.

In fact, Eileen teaches that many of our personal challenges are actually their unresolved issues — whether traumas, fear, stress, depression, anxiety, issues of self-worth, lack of purpose, diminished health, or even unfulfilled desires, hopes, and dreams.

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