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You’re invited to Anarchapulco, the world’s #1 freedom conference!!

Bringing together crypto innovators, freedom warriors and health gurus, Anarchapulco is gearing up for its fifth and most epic year. We offer two ticketing levels: General admission, and VIP, the latter of which includes two catered meals a day, and an open bar. The event takes place in Acapulco at the Secret Garden, a lush outdoor venue with the look and feel of a tropical rainforest. The venue is right across the street from Bonfil, a beach town on the Pacific Ocean.

When asked about their favorite part of Anarchapulco, our attendees give a few answers: brilliant speakers, amazing workshops, high-vibe nightlife – but the answer we hear the most is the people. Anarchapulco attracts those on the cutting-edge of consciousness, who’ve operated on a freedom frequency for so long that they function at a different level. We can’t count the number of attendees who ended up meeting their best friends, business partners or romantic partners at Anarchapulco.

Anarchapulco is a five day conference, with one stage on each day:

  • Monday: Anarquía / Philosophy of Liberty

  • Tuesday: AnarchAwakening / Spirituality and Esoteric

  • Wednesday: Cryptopulco / Sovereign money and cutting-edge technology

  • Thursday: Sovereign Living / Survival skills, community-building, gardening, off-grid

  • Friday: Vitalidad / Health and wellness

Anarchapulco is all about sovereignty: in the arenas of health, finance, lifestyle, politics and spirituality. We believe that while each form of sovereignty is valuable in and of itself, full-spectrum sovereignty is where the magic really happens.

As society falls deeper into authoritarian control, Anarchapulco has been getting attention. The conference has been featured on HBO, Vice, CNN and Wired; they regard us with a combination of fascination and scorn. However the mainstream might spin it, freedom politics are experiencing a renaissance, and we expect this to be the biggest, baddest, most beautiful offering yet.

Anarchapulco 2023: Resist will take place in Acapulco, Mexico this February, with the main event from the 5th to 10th, and our decentralized sister-conference Agoraforko from February 11th to 18th. Anarchapulco is offering a special discount to you: use promo code EILEEN10 for 10% off your Anarchapulco ticket!

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