Sounds That Heal Workshop

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Join Eileen McKusick and other luminaries in the field of sound healing for a weekend festival to lighten your spirit, expand your heart, and embody your unique essence.

Energy is all around us, triggering vibrations at many different levels, including our emotions and well-being.

Learn to harness transformative energy by joining luminaries in the field of sound healing. Explore crystal alchemy singing bowls, tuning forks, sacred mantra, toning, and song to lighten the spirit, expand the heart, and embody your unique essence.

Through lecture, music, group participation, and improvisational play, you use sound healing to open blockages, reduce stress, ease physical and emotional pain, and enhance artistic expression.

Unleash the curative power of sound and develop a lighter heart, a freer spirit, an inclination to break into song, and a newfound appreciation of life and community and your role in it.

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